Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 15-It’s been a while)



Even if you’ve not heard from us for a while, doesn’t mean we disappeared! Here we go again with “Wiki, what’s going on?”.

So, what happened after Akademy? Quite a lot, since everything you’ve read in our previous posts was developed in details and the 1.0 release is now getting closer and closer.

Let’s have a step back: during Akademy we started working on the new skin, which is now almost complete and available in a beta version in production! Course Editor was one of our biggest efforts during our period in Berlin and now we are happy to announce that is alive in production. With these two features WikiToLearn is going to change, and you are going to love it! With more attention to UX and a easier editing environment we hope you to use WikiToLearn more and more: share your knowledge!

The site usability is improved also thanks to the creation of new guides, localized to every language portal, to allow anyone to be able to write on WikiToLearn.

In this period we also had the MediaWikiToLearn at Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus. Here we had the first Memorandum of Understanding signing between WikiToLearn and the Amrita University. Many students had the possibility to discover WikiToLearn and the way it works, hoping that they loved it and are willing to join our project. This event gave us the possibility to collect important feedbacks, extremely useful for the 1.0 release.


WikiToLearn 1.0 is going to be released soon, with lot of new (and cool) features. Beside course editor and the new skin, with the new release we are going to launch our new communication plan. “Wiki, what’s going on?” was thought as a series of blog posts to allow you to be updated on what happens in our community, but with the problem that it’s not really periodic and it based on a blog structure. With the new communication plan, anyone can be always updated thanks to the new “WikiToLearn Reports”: a bi-weekly official report of what’s going on in our community, with statistics of each project.

For sure there is something I’ve not told you about in the new WikiToLearn, but you are going to discover it by yourself (or thanks to the new report system, or with “Wiki, what’s going on?”). Stay tuned: WikiToLearn 1.0 has never been this close!

Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 14-Akademy Day3-4)


On the buzzer! We are moving toward the 1.0 release faster and faster and by the end of this month it should be ready. Today is the last day here at Akademy and we managed to move all the courses under the convention defined. We have introduced the new namespace “Course” for each course both on the italian and english portal. This new structure is mandatory for the complete implementation of course editor. Scripts over scripts, lines of code over lines of code, discussions over discussion: these two days were tough. The migration is now completed and our work at Akademy has been great. We are documenting everything on phabricator to have a complete organization of what we have to do yet.


Akademy was great! We worked hard and closed many tasks. The new release still requires time and efforts, but we are moving toward the right direction. By the end of the week we are going to be back in Italy, but we are leaving Berlin with a precise intention: release the best 1.0 we can have!

We have to work on different aspects, from community building and participation to development and infrastructure. We are tying to keep everything under control to come up with the best possible version of the release. This year was fundamental to us: we understood what we could improve and we tried our best to do it. The deadline is near, but no fear! WikiToLearn is rising from its own ashes like a phoenix: be ready for the revolution!

A special mention goes to the organization of this conference – KDE community and everyone involved were simply awesome.

It was also awesome to get in touch with JGupta and to meet him in person. We hope to have the possibility to meet every WikiToLearn-er soon!

That’s all,

Akademy is almost over, but our work is not.

Stay tuned, the revolution is coming!







Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 13-Akademy Day2)


Day2 is about to end here at Akademy. The wrap up bof has just finished. Everyone is leaving the university or coming back to their pc to end the day with little more work.ย  WikiToLearn had to bof this morning, when the work started. First of all, Jayaditya had a bof on his desktop client, developed for the GSoC project. What he has done so far is really amazing! Future plans to improve the skin (eg. using Kirigami) and the client features are way more than promising. After his bof, the WikiToLearn team had a more general bof. We discussed about the global trend of our work and the daily activity was organized.

Crisbal and Rigolo had a nice discussion with Ken (KDE VDG) trying to come up with new ideas and suggestions for the new skin. The development of such a delicate aspect for our site requires patience and lot of efforts, but what you are going to see will be simply great! “The best WikiToLearn yet”, as someone would say ๐Ÿ˜€

Tunale and Valsdav spent their day with their best friends: regex and scripts. Course editor development is not effortless and they’re putting into play their best, only for you. WikiToLearn is going to be at its best version soon, especially for what concerns content. Forget WikiText, you are going to create a course even blind-folded soon!ย  English and Italian portal have been completely re-organized in a more precise way, with a clearer structure. Content re-organization was tough but scripts and lot of hand work allowed us to complete it today!

When at the end of the day you are satisfied of what you’ve done, happy for the result of your work and for the time you spent with fantastic people you can be sure that your day was amazing. This is just the beginning guys, lot of work still has to be done but something great presents at the horizon. Keep pushing and let’s rock!



Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 12-Akademy Day1)


From QtCon to Akademy, from Berlin Congress Center to the Technische Universitat but the work doesn’t stop! Tunale and I got lost more or less three time before getting to the right building, but just because we love adventures. Sooner or later we managed to arrive to the University for our first Akademy experience!

[Curious fact: During the introductory key note at QtCon, Lydia asked all the people that are attending their first Akademy to stand up. Four people stood up. Can you imagine who they were?! Yeah, your WikiToLearners! We’re young, we’re new but we are here to rock! :D]

Akademy started today and for WikiToLearn has been an amazing day. Course editor is about to be released and today Ruphy and Tunale worked on templates re-organization and namespaces structure for courses. Crisbal and Rigolo continued the development of the new skin: previews are amazing, get ready people! The organization of an eidt-a-thon at Amritapuri Campus is going on really well: 1st and 2nd October are going to be milestones for our project! The day ended up with a wrap up bof where everyone presented their daily work. Your WikiToLearners keep working even if Day1 is over here at Akademy! They really care about what they’re developing and about what we are going to give you very soon. Remember that September 30 is WikiToLearn birthday, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰

During Day1 KDE released a book for its 20th birthday and it’s simply amazing, take a look at it!

Tomorrow Jayaditya is presenting to the KDE community is GSoC project and we are having a bof. Day1 is not over yet but Day2 looks to be even better!


Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 11-QtCon Day3)


Like all good things, QtCon has come to an end. It has been an amazing summit. We shared our ideas, met new people interested in our project andย  worked on lot of new features for our site.

Lot of people want us to go to their countries to talk about WikiToLearn, are willing to participate and contribute with us to the diffusion of free knowledge all around the world. Our developers are coding, coding and coding for you. We are preparing a huge event in Amrita University (India) to introduce people to WikiToLearn and to create new local communities.

Words can not express what do you feel at an event like QtCon, but now it’s over and real work begins. Contents on our site are growing faster and faster thanks to our importing team. You’re going to love the new course editor! Maybe we are stressing Tunale a little bit more… but he loves you and he keeps coding to provide you the easiest way to write your notes on our site ๐Ÿ™‚

QtCon is over: how was it? Qt ๐Ÿ˜€

Now it’s time to move forward to Akademy, where the KDE family will be reunited at the Technical University!

We are extremely thankful to BCC staff for this fantastic event, to Qt for this amazing conference and to all the people we met for the coolest moments of these last three days!


Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 10-QtCon Day2)


Day2 blog post is one day late but, you know, you have to wait for good things!

QtCon-Day2 was amazing! It’s great to see people from other communities that share your same interests and have to face your same problems. Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has an education program and one of its managers had a talk explaining all the challenges they had to struggle with. It’s surprising to find out that we share lot of ideas and lot of critical issues. QtCon is the ideal place to hear new stories, to share your and to collaborate for the creation of new ideas.


What about your WikiToLearn team? They rock! Tunale is coding like there’s no tomorrow to release course editor: the easiest way to write on WikiToLearn is not that far! Pipsin is importing one book after the other: be ready for more than 1000 chapters on the Italian portal by the end of the week. Crisbal and Rigolo are working hard for the new homepage – I had a preview and I can assure that you’re going to love it! Valsdav and his thinkpad are working together to automatize most of the work for the communication plan. Ruphy and Mbona are spreading the word about WikiToLearn: watch out, a local hive may be created in your own city!

Great things are going on, great news are coming! As someone would say, we are working hard to provide the best WikiToLearn yet ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned, #wtlatAkademy is getting real!


FSFE had its birthday party yesterday night and it was amazing, but this is another story (and I don’t want you to be too envying lol) ๐Ÿ˜€

Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 9-QtCon2016 Day1)


QtCon started today and what I can say so far it’s: “just amazing”. The organization is great and provided everything needed (food and drink too, thanks ๐Ÿ˜€ ).


Let’s talk about more concrete things… Today your WikiToLearners worked hard to define the new homepage, to uniform all content pages with the conventions decided and for participation and community building. This morning Jens (KDE VDG) had a great talk about communities organization and collaboration: we really loved it! What else? Our developers had a real tough day: course editor, new homepage, content organization and new chapters importation took up their time; they’re doing it for you and you’re going to love the new WikiToLearn coming out soon.


The day ended up with lightning talks. We had the possibility to present to the KDE, Qt communities and other attendees what we have done so far and our future plans.


Day 1 is almost gone, but now at BCC it’s time for Qt Party ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s it for today, WikiToLearners ๐Ÿ˜€


Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 8-Akademy2016)



Hello everybody,

It’s august and probably you are on holiday, life seems beautiful and you hope this period never ends, but… Happy or not September is about to arrive, and your daily routine is too. Don’t be afraid though: in these months the WikiToLearn community is working hard to provide you the best WikiToLearn you’ve seen so far.


From a brand new homepage to a better organization for news and social pages: you’re going to love it! September is not that sad though: why? If the new WikiToLearn isn’t enough for you, probably Akademy is: the annual word summit of KDE, this year happening in Berlin with QtCon, is one of the greates events for FOSS and we are taking part to it! Why is it so special for us? First of all because we’re part of the KDE community and we are looking forward to meet other members, share opinions and help each other, but also because this period is going to be special:ย KDE has its 20th birthday while Free Software Foundation Europe and VideoLAN both have their 15th birthday. Not over yet: you know who’s celebrating its birthday too in the same period? WikiToLearn! ๐Ÿ˜€


During these months we worked hard to create local communities, to spread the word about our project, to give more attention and help to new users and to come up with a better communication plan that allows you to be always up to date on what’s going on in our community. September is not that far and it’s full of great news, get ready and prepare yourself!

Watch out: #wtlatakademy #wtlbirthday and others can become viral on our social pages in few weeks, we’re going to Akademy! ๐Ÿ˜‰




Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 7)



Tears followed by joy and happiness, discussions followed by great moments all together, problems followed by their solution and enthusiasm. Am I talking about my family? More or less, because actually I am talking about a family: the WikiToLearn community!

This last period was full of ups and downs, but that is inevitable in such a project. We are a big family and we do have to face problems, but with willingness and devotion to what we are doing we can manage to overcome such problems and make things go as we want to – or, at least, try to do so.

We are putting our best efforts in what we are doing: our devs are working hard to release the 0.8 version, a first step toward our main goal – the 1.0; promo team is now trying to start local hives (or groups) in different countries; editors have their summer plans to review contents and to create new ones; the importing group is ready and very soon we are having more and more high-quality books available. Members of our family are working together to make WikiToLearn great and to give you (yes, you!) the best place we can give you to study and to create collaborative textbooks!

We are focused on September: with the beginning of the new academic year we have to fully exploit our potential and move toward #operation1000; moreover in September we are also celebrating our first birthday!

Guys, great things are coming: stay tuned!

Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 6-WikiMania2016 Esino Lario)



Take a little town of 700 souls. Take more than one thousand wikipedians from Wikipedia and its sister projects who are organized for the most important conference about themes such as free education, open software and textbooks and free knowledge. Ok, now put these two elements togheter: what do you get? WikiMania 2016, held in Esino Lario: the annual conference celebrating Wikipedia and its sister free knowledge projects with conferences, discussions, meetups, training and a hackathon.


Themes such as free education and open textbooks, which are fundamentals in our philosophys, were deepened in details: we had the possibility to meet different members from WikiEdu and WikiMedia communities and we talked about our project with them. It’s amazing to see that there are so many people willing to create strong projects to spread knowledge all around the world! Workshops, talks and discussions with members of these communities have made these days simply amazing!


We made great contacts with lot of contributors and found lot of people interested in what we are doing: stay tuned! Great news are coming very soon!





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