Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 11-QtCon Day3)


Like all good things, QtCon has come to an end. It has been an amazing summit. We shared our ideas, met new people interested in our project and  worked on lot of new features for our site.

Lot of people want us to go to their countries to talk about WikiToLearn, are willing to participate and contribute with us to the diffusion of free knowledge all around the world. Our developers are coding, coding and coding for you. We are preparing a huge event in Amrita University (India) to introduce people to WikiToLearn and to create new local communities.

Words can not express what do you feel at an event like QtCon, but now it’s over and real work begins. Contents on our site are growing faster and faster thanks to our importing team. You’re going to love the new course editor! Maybe we are stressing Tunale a little bit more… but he loves you and he keeps coding to provide you the easiest way to write your notes on our site 🙂

QtCon is over: how was it? Qt 😀

Now it’s time to move forward to Akademy, where the KDE family will be reunited at the Technical University!

We are extremely thankful to BCC staff for this fantastic event, to Qt for this amazing conference and to all the people we met for the coolest moments of these last three days!


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