Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 12-Akademy Day1)


From QtCon to Akademy, from Berlin Congress Center to the Technische Universitat but the work doesn’t stop! Tunale and I got lost more or less three time before getting to the right building, but just because we love adventures. Sooner or later we managed to arrive to the University for our first Akademy experience!

[Curious fact: During the introductory key note at QtCon, Lydia asked all the people that are attending their first Akademy to stand up. Four people stood up. Can you imagine who they were?! Yeah, your WikiToLearners! We’re young, we’re new but we are here to rock! :D]

Akademy started today and for WikiToLearn has been an amazing day. Course editor is about to be released and today Ruphy and Tunale worked on templates re-organization and namespaces structure for courses. Crisbal and Rigolo continued the development of the new skin: previews are amazing, get ready people! The organization of an eidt-a-thon at Amritapuri Campus is going on really well: 1st and 2nd October are going to be milestones for our project! The day ended up with a wrap up bof where everyone presented their daily work. Your WikiToLearners keep working even if Day1 is over here at Akademy! They really care about what they’re developing and about what we are going to give you very soon. Remember that September 30 is WikiToLearn birthday, so stay tuned 😉

During Day1 KDE released a book for its 20th birthday and it’s simply amazing, take a look at it!

Tomorrow Jayaditya is presenting to the KDE community is GSoC project and we are having a bof. Day1 is not over yet but Day2 looks to be even better!


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