Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 13-Akademy Day2)


Day2 is about to end here at Akademy. The wrap up bof has just finished. Everyone is leaving the university or coming back to their pc to end the day with little more work.  WikiToLearn had to bof this morning, when the work started. First of all, Jayaditya had a bof on his desktop client, developed for the GSoC project. What he has done so far is really amazing! Future plans to improve the skin (eg. using Kirigami) and the client features are way more than promising. After his bof, the WikiToLearn team had a more general bof. We discussed about the global trend of our work and the daily activity was organized.

Crisbal and Rigolo had a nice discussion with Ken (KDE VDG) trying to come up with new ideas and suggestions for the new skin. The development of such a delicate aspect for our site requires patience and lot of efforts, but what you are going to see will be simply great! “The best WikiToLearn yet”, as someone would say 😀

Tunale and Valsdav spent their day with their best friends: regex and scripts. Course editor development is not effortless and they’re putting into play their best, only for you. WikiToLearn is going to be at its best version soon, especially for what concerns content. Forget WikiText, you are going to create a course even blind-folded soon!  English and Italian portal have been completely re-organized in a more precise way, with a clearer structure. Content re-organization was tough but scripts and lot of hand work allowed us to complete it today!

When at the end of the day you are satisfied of what you’ve done, happy for the result of your work and for the time you spent with fantastic people you can be sure that your day was amazing. This is just the beginning guys, lot of work still has to be done but something great presents at the horizon. Keep pushing and let’s rock!



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