Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 14-Akademy Day3-4)


On the buzzer! We are moving toward the 1.0 release faster and faster and by the end of this month it should be ready. Today is the last day here at Akademy and we managed to move all the courses under the convention defined. We have introduced the new namespace “Course” for each course both on the italian and english portal. This new structure is mandatory for the complete implementation of course editor. Scripts over scripts, lines of code over lines of code, discussions over discussion: these two days were tough. The migration is now completed and our work at Akademy has been great. We are documenting everything on phabricator to have a complete organization of what we have to do yet.


Akademy was great! We worked hard and closed many tasks. The new release still requires time and efforts, but we are moving toward the right direction. By the end of the week we are going to be back in Italy, but we are leaving Berlin with a precise intention: release the best 1.0 we can have!

We have to work on different aspects, from community building and participation to development and infrastructure. We are tying to keep everything under control to come up with the best possible version of the release. This year was fundamental to us: we understood what we could improve and we tried our best to do it. The deadline is near, but no fear! WikiToLearn is rising from its own ashes like a phoenix: be ready for the revolution!

A special mention goes to the organization of this conference – KDE community and everyone involved were simply awesome.

It was also awesome to get in touch with JGupta and to meet him in person. We hope to have the possibility to meet every WikiToLearn-er soon!

That’s all,

Akademy is almost over, but our work is not.

Stay tuned, the revolution is coming!







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