Wiki, what’s going on? (Part 15-It’s been a while)



Even if you’ve not heard from us for a while, doesn’t mean we disappeared! Here we go again with “Wiki, what’s going on?”.

So, what happened after Akademy? Quite a lot, since everything you’ve read in our previous posts was developed in details and the 1.0 release is now getting closer and closer.

Let’s have a step back: during Akademy we started working on the new skin, which is now almost complete and available in a beta version in production! Course Editor was one of our biggest efforts during our period in Berlin and now we are happy to announce that is alive in production. With these two features WikiToLearn is going to change, and you are going to love it! With more attention to UX and a easier editing environment we hope you to use WikiToLearn more and more: share your knowledge!

The site usability is improved also thanks to the creation of new guides, localized to every language portal, to allow anyone to be able to write on WikiToLearn.

In this period we also had the MediaWikiToLearn at Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus. Here we had the first Memorandum of Understanding signing between WikiToLearn and the Amrita University. Many students had the possibility to discover WikiToLearn and the way it works, hoping that they loved it and are willing to join our project. This event gave us the possibility to collect important feedbacks, extremely useful for the 1.0 release.


WikiToLearn 1.0 is going to be released soon, with lot of new (and cool) features. Beside course editor and the new skin, with the new release we are going to launch our new communication plan. “Wiki, what’s going on?” was thought as a series of blog posts to allow you to be updated on what happens in our community, but with the problem that it’s not really periodic and it based on a blog structure. With the new communication plan, anyone can be always updated thanks to the new “WikiToLearn Reports”: a bi-weekly official report of what’s going on in our community, with statistics of each project.

For sure there is something I’ve not told you about in the new WikiToLearn, but you are going to discover it by yourself (or thanks to the new report system, or with “Wiki, what’s going on?”). Stay tuned: WikiToLearn 1.0 has never been this close!

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