Wiki, what’s going on? (Part16 – Where have you been?)



Join the revolution: WikiToLearn1.0 is here!


It’s been a while since the last episode of “Wiki, What’s going on?” was published. In the meanwhile great things happened!

Yesterday #WikiToLearn 1.0 was finally released and we’re extremely happy of this. “What’s going on?” was not on holiday, we were working hard to provide you the new WikiToLearn!

It was a great day, we are extremely happy for the love you showed us on our facebook and twitter pages: stay tuned for more news in the following days!

I’m not here to tell you how many new cool features you can find in the new release, since probably you already know. If you don’t check out our press release and the dot-kde article! The new WikiToLearn is amazing: the best you’ve experienced up to now!

“Wiki, What’s going on” is back, but we also have more news: thanks to our reports now you can have constant (bi-weekly) updates on our work; the homepage contains new languages and we’re ready to guide you in the discovery in all the new features.

We are extremely excited for this new release: now it’s time to get even more concrete than before.

Join Wikitolearn, learn with the best. Create books. Share knowledge!

The waiting is over, 1.0 is now live: it’s time to rock WikiToLearn-ers!


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