Wiki, what’s going on? (Part19-XMas is coming!)


Christmas with the WikiToLearn community


Let’s start with important things. Last Sunday the Milan local group had a special dinner to celebrate the incoming Christmas holidays. For sure we have to thank Spinnski: food was great! During the dinner we had Secret Santa: you receive a gift, given by whom? According to fate. It was funny, and we had lot of laughs for some funny gifts.

Ok, let’s get back to business. We are working to get more collaborations concrete, especially from the institutional point of view. WikiMediaCH, Rete della Conoscenza (Italy) and Imperial College London are among the most important “institutions” we are going to collaborate with. The test group is working harder and harder to get a (adjustment) stable release by Christmas, let’s say our Christmas gift for you! Nothing will apparently change for you, but the real show is in the infrastructure.

Stay tuned, we have great plans for the new year. The first thing you have to wait for is WikiToLearnConf India2017, happening in Jaipur 18-19 January. The first WikiToLearn global event is coming: call for papers are open, join and share Knowledge!

Probably you will read the next “Wiki, what’s going on?” episode in the new year. Hopefully great work is incoming and we hope to impress you more and more! Let me take this occasion to wish you happy holidays, from the whole WikiToLearn community 😀


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