Wiki, what’s going on? (Part20-2017 is here)



The hype is great: WikiToLearn India Conf2017 is almost here!


Hello WikiToLearn-ers! First of all, let me wish a happy new year to all of you!

How better to start the new year? With lot of news!

In less than two weeks WikiToLearn India Conf2017 is about to happen. We are extremely happy because this is the first big international event entirely dedicated to WikiToLearn. We have to thank the members of our community who are working hard to provide you this amazing event. For sure, the best thing about this conference is the great variety of speakers: Ruphy is flying from Italy to India to attend the conference and give a talk about WTL. For this event we have speakers lined up from Mediawiki, KDE and Mozilla Community. Several projects and ideas will meet at WTL India Conf2017 and this is simply amazing for us! The entire event will be recorded and videos will be uploaded online: you won’t miss any talk!

We have planned other great things for this 2017. Few days ago some members of the community met to have a discussion about our targets for the future. We came up with a new strategic plan for the incoming months: join our communication channels to discuss it with us. New talks, new posters and technical improvements are just around the corner. WikiToLearn1.0 is great, but what’s coming now is even better!

2016 was fantastic for us, but in 2017 a turning point is waiting for us. Stay tuned!


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